Media engagements

Monday, 7th September - Shannonside radio will be holding an outside live broadcast from the Pollacat Springs Group Water Scheme in County Roscommon which will be live on the Let's Talk programme hosted by MaryClaire Grealy between 1.30 and 2.30 pm.  This broadcast will discuss the work being done by schemes in Roscommon to protect their water sources in what is an extremely challenging landscape. Through the NFGWS Source Protection Pilot Project, schemes have come up with new and innovative methods of engaging with communities to help create awareness about how they can take action to protect water quality.

Tuesday, 8th September – Agricultural media platforms, Farming Independent published articles about how group water schemes are working with the farming community and others to create awareness of the need for source protection and to implement targeted measures in critical areas of farmland.

Agriland ran a piece on the 'Let it Bee' initiative in Roscommon 

The Roscommon Herald published stories on what is happening across the county. An insert on how farmers can protect their water sources will be circulated in 9,000 copies of this local newspaper.

Wednesday, 11th September - NFGWS Webinar

Thursday, 10th September - NFGWS Webinar

Friday, 11th September - The Roscommon People will run stories on what is happening across the county. 

AgriLand will run a piece on the Stranooden GWS Project


NFGWS Rural Water Week - 2-day Webinar

NFGWS Rural Water Week - new initiatives