GWS Water Conservation Toolkit

The NFGWS has put together a water conservation toolkit to help group water schemes (GWS) during critical periods of drought and near-drought conditions. This includes advice on how to be best prepared for any issues that may occur, along with draft communication materials that can be used by individual GWSs or in collaboration with neighbouring schemes.

  • Key points for GWS committees and members to consider during drought or near-drought conditions are available here
  • A draft text message for GWS members and draft local radio ad is available here.
  • A draft press release for local media is available from your local development officer.
  • A social media image with conservation tips is available here, while a detailed advice article can be found here.
  • Our water conservation advice video is on YouTube here.
  • An NFGWS tool that allows householders to calculate how much water they are using compared to what they might reasonably expect to use is available here.