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Answer these quick and easy questions to discover your household’s water and energy usage.

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The details you provide will not be used, stored and transmitted to anybody. All water usage values used in the calculator are general averages available for domestic users.

Your personalised water report
At the end, you'll get a water report that's tailored to you. It'll show you how much water you're using, how you can save and give you some water-saving ideas.

Your home

How many people live in the household?

2.6 litres is the recommended daily drinking water intake per person.

Your home

Do you have a water meter?

Does your home have any dripping taps?


How many times do you use your washing machine per week?

What temperature do you generally wash your clothes at?

Do you have an A rated washing machine?

Do you fully load the washing machine before using it?


How many times do you use your dishwasher per week? If you do not own or use a dishwasher enter '0'.

Do you have an A rated dishwasher?

Do you typically use the eco setting? (If dishwasher is post 2000)

Do you fully load the dishwasher before using it?


How many times does your household wash up by hand each week?

Do you use a bowl or sink with a plug for washing up?

What is the flow rate of your taps?


How many times does your household use the kettle each day?

Do you fill the kettle up every time you use it?

How many minutes do you spend washing food? E.g. rice, veg, fruit per day

When washing food do you wash under a running tap or use a bowl?


How many baths does your household take per week?

Do you fill the bath up to the top?

Do you leave the tap running when you clean your teeth?

Do you leave the tap running when shaving?


How many showers are in your household?

Is your shower mains fed or loft tank fed?

How many times per week does your household use these showers?

How many minutes, on average, does one shower last?


How many toilets does your household have?

Do you use a toilet cistern device (save-a-flush)?

Do you think you may have a leaky loo?

Other water used for personal washing.

Outside the home

Do you have a garden/outside space?

Do you use a water butt in your garden?

How many times per month do you use these during summer?

Outside the home

How often do you wash your car/bike/other per year?

How do you wash your car/bike?

Do you use a pressure washer to wash your patio/drive?

How often do you fill a paddling pool or pond per year?

Your personalised water report

Based on the answers you have provided, we are pleased to provide you with your own personalised water usage report.
On this page, you can:

  • View a breakdown of your water usage habits, both inside & outside the home.
  • Review and adjust your most significant water usage areas and see how much you can save by changing your behaviour.
  • Download a copy of your water usage report.

Your water consumption at home (litres/person/day)

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Your current usage

Your current water usage by activity

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