Watch: NFGWS source protection presentation at IAH (Irish Group) Groundwater Conference

A presentation recently given by NFGWS source protection officer, Patrick McCabe, at the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) - Irish Group Annual Groundwater Conference is now available to watch back online. 

With this year's theme focusing on 'Catchment Science and Management – The Role of Geoscience and Groundwater,' Patrick's presentation explored mitigation actions that form part of an integrated source protection plan within a drinking water source catchment/zone of contribution.

Patrick detailed the work the NFGWS and group water schemes have been doing in this area and the science that has provided the basis for a pollutant transfer continuum (Source – Pathway – Receptor) approach.

You can watch the full presentation below:

The NFGWS source protection documents referenced by Patrick can be downloaded here, while the full programme of presentations delivered at the IAH – Irish Group Annual Groundwater Conference is available on the IAH Ireland YouTube channel here.