NFGWS Source Protection Framework and Measures Guidance

As part of our source protection pilot project, an NFGWS guidance document has been produced titled A Framework for Drinking Water Source Protection. This ‘Framework’ provides a methodological approach to evaluating pressures on water quality within a drinking water catchment/zone of contribution, so that an informed decision can be made as to whether ‘protection’ or ‘improvement’ will be required. Furthermore, it explains the importance of prioritising contamination risks so that a targeted approach may be adopted. To view this document, click here or on the image.  


Where water quality requires improvement, source protection measures, including mitigation, will be necessary. In an effort to help group water schemes decide upon which mitigation measures would be most appropriate, the NFGWS is in the process of developing a series of mitigation option handbooks. Pressures can derive from urban and rural sources and are not limited to agricultural activities. However, given the predominantly rural setting of group water schemes and their location within agricultural catchments, the preparation of mitigation guidance for the farming community has been prioritised with publication of ‘A Handbook of Source Protection and Mitigation Actions for Farming’. To view this document, click here or on the image.