Upcoming GWS training courses

Training is available to group water schemes, either directly through the NFGWS or through the Local Authority Services National Training Group (LASNTG).

Along with technical training courses, developed in collaboration with the LASNTG, the NFGWS also provides an extensive offering of training courses and workshops, which are open to all affiliated group water schemes. These courses cover a wide range of daily management aspects specific to group water schemes (GWS) and are tailored for staff and GWS boards. These include quality assurance, GWS operations and management, road-opening licensing, and more. Courses are held either in-person or online via the Zoom platform and delivered by NFGWS staff and/or other stakeholders within the rural water sector.  

Upcoming online training courses*

*Specific dates will be updated and more courses added once scheduled. Please note that these dates are subject to change and attendance capacity in some cases, but your local development officer will be able to keep you informed once you have made an expression of interest.

Upcoming in-person training courses

(Please note in-person training courses are currently subject to Covid-19 guidelines)

Courses delivered by the LASNTG are available on its website here. Examples of these courses include the Safe Pass, Water Treatment, Chlorine Handling, Distribution Operations & Maintenance, Road-Opening & Reinstatement etc., and they are held regularly throughout the LASNTG's five regional training centres.

Requirements around road-opening licences and Basic and Advanced Road-Opening & Reinstatement training are particularly relevant at present, and group water schemes are urged to make sure that they or their contractor have the relevant training completed.

If you would like to request the scheduling of a specific course that it not scheduled above, you are more than welcome to get in contact via the submission form below. You can also find more information on specific NFGWS courses here.

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