‘One Good Idea’ by Kilcredan GWS students

Inspire lifestyle changes to save energy and help tackle climate change.

This annual SEAI school competition is open to primary and post-primary schools.


Campaign Video:   St. Mary's High School, Middleton, County Cork - Campaign Video


The SEAI “One Good Idea Campaign” is a competition that requires students to come up with one simple, yet effective idea on how to save energy and in turn combat climate change. Three transition year students from St. Mary's High School, Middleton, Co. Cork, who live on the Kilcredan Group Water Scheme entered this competition and it did not take them very long to decide on a topic to address, as they were very much aware of the Group Water Scheme and the need for water conservation.

The Summer of 2018 brought drought conditions and hosepipe bans which affected many parts of the country. These circumstances demonstrated how heavily we depend on water and showed us a glimpse of what our daily lives would look like if we did not have such easy access to water supplies. When entering this competition, the students concluded that seeing as water shortage and wastage was extremely topical at the present time, they would do our project based on water. Their project is called “Water You Going To Do Without It?”

A large part of their project focused on engagement with the community, so to this end, the students approached committee members of the Kilcredan GWS. The committee then asked the NFGWS to come to the local primary school supplied by the GWS and deliver the All about Water curriculum for primary schools which was jointly presented by the NFGWS and the students.

Their project explains how wasting water has a huge influence on climate change. They hope to teach people that conserving water saves energy and to help people realise that by making simple changes in their daily routines, they can reduce their carbon footprint and help tackle climate change. We want people to realise that they can make a small difference to a huge problem to ensure a brighter future! We need to conserve our water and energy so that we will still have water in the future, because, at the end of the day, “Water You Going To Do Without It?”

Campaign Video:   St. Mary's High School, Middleton, County Cork - Campaign Video