Relevant Legislation & Regulation

GAP Regulations

European Communities (Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters) Regulations 2017. (GAP Regs 2017), provide statutory support for good agricultural practice to protect waters against pollution from agricultural sources and include measures such as:

  • Set periods when land application of fertilisers is prohibited
  • Limits on the land application of fertilisers
  • Storage requirements for livestock manure, and
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of the measures in terms of agricultural practice and impact on water quality.

The duties and implications for farmers are outlined under the following headings:

Farmyard Management

  • Minimisation of soiled water.
  • Collection and holding of certain substances.
  • Structural integrity of storage facilities.
  • General obligations as to capacity of storage facilities for slurry, manure effluent, soiled water etc.

Nutrient Management

Duty of occupier in relation to nutrient management

Prevention of Water Pollution from Fertilisers and Certain Activities
  • Distances from water body and other issues
  • Requirements as to manner of application of fertilizers soiled water etc.
  • Periods when application of fertilisers is prohibited.
  • Limits on the amount of livestock manure applied.
  • Ploughing and the use of non-selective herbicides.
  • Duty of occupier, keeping of records by occupier etc.
  • False or misleading information
  • Authorised person and offences

S.I. No. 65/2018 - European Union (Good Agricultural Practice for Protection of Waters)(Amendment) Regulations here