Planning a GWS General Meeting

Planning the GWS General Meeting (AGM or SGM)

The AGM is an opportunity to present reports on the business of the GWS in respect of the previous year for the consideration and adoption by the membership. It allows the membership to elect a board that will act on its behalf until the following AGM and provides an opportunity for the outgoing board to inform the membership of any proposed policy changes and to seek their endorsement of these.

An SGM (Special General Meeting) is called to consider a specific stated proposal that must be communicated to the members in advance and for no other purpose. 

The model rules for GWS co-operatives provide clear guidance on the holding of both AGMs and SGMs

For organisations that are co-operative societies, the holding of an AGM is a legal requirement under the model rules. For non-incorporated organisations, the holding of an AGM is generally accepted as being a minimum requirement of good governance. Under the subsidy arrangements for group water scheme, democratic governance is amongst the terms and conditions.  A copy of the AGM notice is part of the documentation that must be submitted with the annual subsidy claim. 

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