NFGWS pilots new source protection training course for GWS managers

To mark the start of Rural Water Week 2022, the National Federation of Group Water Schemes (NFGWS) has hosted a pilot session of its new drinking water source protection training course for GWS managers and source protection staff.

The course aims to provide an accessible overview of all aspects, which will provide personnel with the knowledge required to begin its integrated source protection planning journey. It covers topics such as assessing untreated water quality, the approach to selecting protection mitigation actions, and community engagement.

While technical assistance will still be needed in more complex source catchments/zones of contribution, it is hoped that this course will provide staff with a strong knowledge base. NFGWS senior development co-ordinator Jean Rosney explained its purpose:

Drinking water source protection is an extremely important aspect of quality assurance implementation and the water safety planning approach. However, it requires different levels of expertise. While we have already developed and hosted a technical training course for consultants and other stakeholders, the aim of this course is to give an overview to GWS managers of all related aspects and the tools they need to manage their GWS’s source protection efforts.

Today’s pilot will provide us with important feedback as we further hone its contents ahead of a widespread roll-out across the sector. We are also planning to develop an introductory source protection course for GWS board/committee members that will be run in the near future.

Some 16 GWS managers and staff members attended Monday’s pilot event in County Monaghan. To keep up to date with all that’s happening during Rural Water Week, follow the NFGWS on social media.

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