NFGWS Survey of GWS sector

In early 2019, the National Federation of Group Water Schemes (NFGWS) circulated a survey to all group water schemes as part of our work to identify investment needs for the rural water sector beyond 2021. To date (Nov. 2019) almost 170 schemes have completed this survey.  This survey is extremely important for NFGWS to build an accurate picture of the current state of group water scheme infrastructure and where future investment needs are likely to be needed.

The NFGWS is represented on the Rural Water Investment Needs Working Group, established by the Minister for Housing Planning and Local Government in 2017. This group has now completed its strand one work programme on the sectors investment requirements for up to 2021 and has now commenced its deliberations on strand two to identify the investment needs beyond 2021. The results from this survey are critical to enabling the NFGWS to identify, quantify and present these requirements.

If your scheme has yet to complete this survey, to please do so as soon as possible. The survey can be completed in the following ways:

  • online (preferably) by clicking here, or
  • by printing down pdf version and return the completed form to your NFGWS development officer.

If you have any questions on the survey itself or you need assistance to complete, please contact your NFGWS development officer.