National Source Protection Pilot Project

The National Source Protection Pilot Project (NSPPP) 2005-2010  in the Milltown Lough Catchment in Churchill Oram GWS, County Monaghan was established to evaluate the potential for community-based and low-tech approaches to restoring drinking water quality at the source, as opposed to relying solely on “end-of-pipe” treatment solutions. The project was led by the Centre for Freshwater Studies at Dundalk Institute of Technology under the steering group that included the former National Rural Water Monitoring Committee and several other stakeholders.  The plan involved delineation of the catchment, followed by the identification of catchment characteristics and potential sources of contaminations, the monitoring of the catchment lakes and streams, risk assessment and development and implementation of remediation measures.  

This report on Milltown Lough presents the detailed findings for this surface water lake and its catchment.  Click here for the full report and here for an overview of the report's recommendations.

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