Irish Water to assume responsibility for billing its non-domestic (business) customers on a phased basis.

Since 2014 Irish Water has been responsible for the provision of water and wastewater services to all households, businesses and group water schemes previously serviced by Local Authorities. Irish Water did not assume responsibility for the billing element of its non-domestic service (business and IW supplied GWSs) at that time. Up to now this billing service has been administered by the Local Authorities on behalf of Irish Water. Each Local Authority has continued, on an interim basis, to issue these bills and to collect the charges at the same rates and frequencies, and with the same domestic allowances, as had been charged prior to 2014.

Beginning during July 2016, with counties Meath and Monaghan, a process to transfer billing and account administration to Irish Water will take place on a phased basis. Irish Water will be in contact with individual customers as their accounts are transferring and full details will also be available on the Irish Water website

The transfer of account administration and billing to Irish Water will not involve a change in water services charges, free domestic allowances or billing frequencies in the medium term. It is understood that the process of agreeing a longer term “enduring tariff” structure with the Commissioner for Energy Regulation (Water) is still some time away from concluding.

The NFGWS is meeting with Irish Water to ensure that this transition will not be problematic for Group Water Schemes or their customers during the transfer process. Affiliated Group Water Schemes that experience any difficulties should contact their NFGWS development officer.