Guidance on the Development of GWS Sampling Plans

As part of Rural Water Week 2023, the NFGWS has launched a new guidance document to assist group water schemes in developing a bespoke raw water sampling plan.

It is imperative that group water schemes know the quality of its untreated water supply, particularly in light of the water safety planning and risk-assessment approach of the new drinking water regulations. Raw water quality data is also an essential element of the integrated source protection planning (ISPP) process. Indeed, without such data, it is virtually impossible to create an ISPP. 

The new NFGWS guidance document details how a group water scheme can approach creating a sampling plan that is tailored especially to its needs. Source type, catchment/zone of contribution size and currently available data are all factors that will influence the contents of such a plan. By following this new guidance document, in consultation with their local NFGWS development officer, group water schemes will be equipped to develop a comprehensive strategy.

Please contact your local NFGWS development officer for more information.