World Water Day Special: Communities Uniting To Protect Drinking Water

With March 22nd marking World Water Day, the National Federation of Group Water Schemes has published a special pull-out magazine to celebrate the efforts of group water schemes around County Mayo who are playing their part in protecting drinking water quality. The magazine was included in the print edition of this week's edition of The Connaught Telegraph and is available to read online below.

It features coverage of Mayo group water schemes participating in the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage; and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine funded integrated source protection planning and mitigation actions project, along with articles from schools and like-minded organisations that are all working together to improve water quality.

In keeping with this year’s World Water Day theme, we want to encourage everyone to accelerate the pace of change. Whether it’s conserving water, reducing pesticide use, or adopting water-conscious practices on your farm, every small change makes a difference. You can read the magazine by clicking on the thumbnail below or download it here.

Communities Uniting To Protect Water