On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems (Septic Tanks)


Joint NFGWS & EPA project on community desludging of On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems (OSWTS)

Established in response to the finding from the first phase of the EPAs National Inspection Plan (2015-2017)* on OSWTS that poor management of such systems is a major issue to be addressed, phase one of a pilot project completed in GWS in County Louth confirmed that householders within the Zone of Contribution (ZOC) to the group water scheme source are positively disposed towards the regular desludging of their OSTWS where that is co-ordinated by the local GWS board of management/committee

OSWTS Pilot (Louth) Evaluation Report

Phase two of the DWWTS pilot was completed in 2018 with the assistance of EPA funding. One of the main objectives of Phase 2  was the further development of the delivery model based on the conclusions and recommendations of the pilot project review report.  15 GWS participated in the project and two NFGWS staff were appointed as project co-ordinators. The project including door-to-doors surveys with householders in the catchment, Primary School visits and co-ordinated desludging of septic tanks on a bundled approach.

The project proved highly successful in raising community awareness.

A copy of the final Report can be viewed here >> Final report 2018

*A copy of the current EPA National Inspection Plan can be viewed here >> NIP 2015-2017