National Source Protection Pilot Project Phase 2

In mid-2018  the NFGWS advanced to Phase 2 of the National Source Protection Pilot Project which will involve the development of a model approach to source protection planning in the GWS sector. This will be broken into two phases, the development of the plan and the implementation of the plan.  The initial stages of Phase 2 involve two national projects, surface water  (Stranooden GWS, Co. Monaghan) and groundwater sources (10 GWS across  Co. Roscommon and Co.  Westmeath).  These plans will build on the source protection works completed during Phase 1 by identifying practical measures within each catchment to project sources from current or future pollution risks.  A high-level steering group has been established comprising relevant stakeholders and State agencies to oversee the pilot projects and ensuring that overarching objectives are achieved. In addition, Operational Advisory Groups have been established for each of the surface water and groundwater pilots projects.

Circular & Memorandum 3 Sept 2013