Learning resources for schools

We have collated a series of content that can help teachers to educate the next generation about the science of water, why we need to work together to protect our supply, and the importance of biodiversity.

'All About Water' Workbook

All About Water is a hands-on and hugely interactive source – created by the NFGWS - that encourages school children to explore the fascinating world of freshwater habitats and to develop an understanding of all things 'wet and wild'.

You can find more about the workbook and download the course resource book for teachers here.

Roscommon Project

As part of our “I’ve planted a tree and my garden is pesticide free” project in Co Roscommon, we produced information packs which have been specifically designed to help national school children learn about biodiversity and its role in protecting our water supply.

This pack has been sent to all of our participating schools in Roscommon but can also be downloaded below.

‘I’ve planted a tree and my garden is pesticide free’ programme outline
‘I’ve planted a tree and my garden is pesticide free’ info flyer
‘I’ve planted a tree and my garden is pesticide free’ certificate
‘I’ve planted a tree and my garden is pesticide free’ wheelie bin sticker

Educational videos

Below you will find a number of educational videos that can be used in a classroom setting. Some have been created by the NFGWS, but we have also included other documentaries and short videos that we think are ideal for helping pupils understand water and biodiversity, and why it’s essential that we all work together to look after our environment.

NFGWS videos

NFGWS Water Conservation – Rosney family

An Introduction to the Water Cycle

The Water Cycle - Further Video for 5th & 6th Class

Water & Skittles Experiment to Show the Solubility of Water

An Introduction to Biodiversity and Pollinators, and the Impacts of Pesticides on both

Encouraging Biodiversity & Pollinators into Your Garden

Other videos

10 Things To Know About: Water

Blooming Bees: The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

An Fóram Uisce ‘Magic of Water’ Series

An Fóram Uisce | The Water Forum have put together a video series called ‘The Magic of Water.’ Comprising of four short videos, they can be found on Water Forum Ireland’s YouTube channel here.

National Geographic – Kids Learn Why Bees Are Awesome

You can watch 'Kids Learn Why Bees Are Awesome' here.

The Curious Tale of Chunk the Groundhog

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