Operational Funding

An integral part of maintaining and improving the quality and reliability of rural water supplies is the annual subsidy, payable by Local Authorities, towards the operational and management costs of Group Water Schemes supplying water for domestic use. The aim of the subsidy is to ensure the principles of equity of treatment and equivalent financial support equally between households on public water supplies (Irish Water) and those in Group Water Schemes.

The NFGWS successfully negotiated revised subsidy arrangements in late 2017, which are effective from 1stJanuary 2018, this has seen a significant increase in the maximum subsidy entitlement GWS can claim. In addition to the Subsidy A & B a third subsidy (Subsidy C) has been introduced to incentivise small privately sourced group water schemes, of less than 100 houses, to progress into more sustainable entities through rationalisation or amalgamations with other schemes. See links below for further details on the Subsidy Terms and Conditions and the NFGWS guidance document on Subsidy

Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government terms and conditions for a subsidy towards the operational costs of a group water scheme and application form WS1 Sub...click here

NFGWS guidance document - Subsidy and the GWS...click here